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Madroc law firm

Welcome to the website of the Madroc law firm.

Our law firm was founded in 2006. Our staff consists of only professionals. The Madroc law firm provides comprehensive legal services and makes life of our clients easier. All our lawyers and solicitors have excellent knowledge and practice in the field of Russian law and international one.

Madroc Law Firm: quality assurance and success

We provide not only legal services, but also we help individuals and organizations to solve different problems. We offer to our clients' high quality legal support on the entire territory of Russia.

Our foreign partners completely trust us and our work process. We provide the best legal service in Russia and abroad.

More and more international investors draw attention on Russian market. The market is growing up very fast, but foreign investors have ambiguous opinion about Russian law. Our company helps them to understand it.

Russian tax system consists of many unclear definitions for foreigners and most of investors don't risk setting up business in Russia. For this reason we help our partners.

We are relevant to our clients friendly, because we know that only this approach can show and give full commitment and professionalism of our lawyers. We do not abandon our friends in trouble and always find a compromise.

We provide comprehensive advice and representation to Russian and foreign clients in commercial and other matters.

We provide legal services regarding:
- legal advice;
- representation in court and commercial arbitration (litigation);
- tax law;
- customs law;
- corporations law;
- formation of commercial contracts;
- legal aid in matters of real estate;
- intellectual property;
- civil law;
- law of crimes;
- inheritance law;
- immigration matters and others.

If you need a lawyer in Moscow or another Russian city contact the Madroc law firm. The Madroc Law Firm is a guarantee of quality, success and stability!

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