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Representation in Cyprian authorities

Due to the fact that a lot of companies have headquarter in Cyprus doing business in native land it is very actual to represent these ones in Cyprus authorities. Our law firm ready to do it the best.

There are a lot of business possibilities in Cyprus nowadays. And to use it reasonable you should to have best lawyers which choice best way. Our law firm has a lot of offices in different countries and keep growing up.

Among authorities in which we represent our customers are:
- Courts and arbitrages;
- Commercial registers;
- Tax and customs offices;
- Public dept management office;
- Air quality in Cyprus etc.

We have a lot of high-qualified staff in Cypriot legislation and can help our clients to get more.

Which cases we can help in?

First we specialize on trial law and provide court and arbitrage representation. According our experience we built some schemes to optimize business and give our clients more profits.

We have Greek and English speak lawyers.

Have some problems in Cyprus? Call or mail us and forget it!