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Representation of foreign companies in Russian courts

representation of foreign companies in russian arbitration court

Our company render service of representation in Russian courts of Arbitration. We render our legal services in a high quality level and give our customers calm and confidence.

What are the Arbitration courts in Russia? Russian arbitration system

In Russia tribunals of arbitration devide by territory. The first instandce of it the tribunal of federal subject. For example in Moscow it is Arbitration court of Moscow City (etc.). Next (second) instance is the arbitraion appeal courts. There are 20 arbitraion appeal courts (since 1st to 20th). Next instance (cassation) is the Federal district court of Arbitration. There are 10 cassation arbitration courts in Russia (FDAC of: Volgo-Vyatsk, East Siberian, Dalnevostochny, Moscowian, Povolzhsky, North-East, North Caucasian, Uralian, Central districts).

What Russian Arbitration process is?

First of all it should be clarified that the notion "international organizations" includes business corporations and non-profit corporations setting up abroad and possessing the status of legal entity.

International organizations are also considered to be other corporate entities legitimately functioning in an economic turnover of their states but officially which do not possess the status of legal entity.

The legal status of foreign citizens is determined on the basis of evidence proving their legal status and the right to conduct business and other economic activity.

Foreign companies involved in the case should develop evidences proving their legal status and the right to conduct business and other economic activity. In case of failure of such evidences the Court of Arbitration has a right to reclaim it on its own.

In Russia the private law of the natural person is considered to be the law of the state whose citizenship the person has, but the private law of the legal entity is considered to be the right of the state where it was established.

Alongside with general rules there are a number of other provisions determining according the particular situation peculiarities of law applied in the process of determining the legal status of persons in civil circulation.

International organizations have equal rights and bear the same responsibilities as Russian companies and citizens. Procedural privileges are granted to foreign companies if they are set by international agreement of the Russian Federation.

Foreign companies have a right to apply to the Court of Arbitration of the Russian Federation according to the rules of jurisdiction and competence established by Arbitration Procedure Code of the Russian Federation to protect their violated or disputed rights and legitimate interests in the sphere of business or other economic activities.

Provisions of arbitration legal standing and capacity to sue established for Russian entities are exactly applied in respect of foreign entities. In this case procedural status of foreign entities is equal both in action proceedings and special proceedings of arbitration hearing.

It's important to point out that the Government of the Russian Federation can put reciprocal restrictions in respect of citizens and companies of those states which imposed restrictions in respect of Russian citizens and companies.

According to the Russian legislation lawyers and other people providing legal services can stand for foreign entities including private entrepreneurs and companies in the Court of Arbitration.

In contrast with Russian participants of arbitration hearing interests of foreign entities in the Court of Arbitration can be defended by a broad range of people including lawyers and consuls of foreign states.

As for foreign lawyers they can take part in arbitration hearings as representatives notably on cases related to the issues of the law of these particular foreign states and are not connected with the issues of the National Security Information of the Russian Federation.

Jurisdiction of Russian arbitration courts

By russian law all claims submit to court of defendant adress. But there are some exceptions. And these rules should be known by lawyer in Russia for that would succes case in tribunal. Our lawyers have all for doing this job good. Contact us and check this out!

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