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Representation of foreign companies in Russian courts

Representation of foreign companies in Russian arbitrations

Russian Arbitration Code permits foreign companies to trial in it. But there are a lot of specific issues must be known before the begining. First - the trial applicable language is russian only. You can set an foreign legislation and this clause is permit by Russian Arbitraion Code but you shuold use Russian language. No exceptions.

Russian legislation system doesn't look like other ones. It doesn't look like english law system or roman one and others. Russian law has own rules and applications at the practice.

Don't try to use own country's law habbits. In Russia it is necessary to respect Russian law and behave as judges permit.

Our company provides the services are needed to achieve main goals - achieve the result either to recieve money from contractor or obligate on some actions by contract or law. By the way all our litigators fluently speak english what permit to understand us faster. There are a lot of lawyers with international and internal law experience.

If you have an issue in Russia to claim some company here or issue ot defend your company itself just call us right now and we are going to provide best services you need.

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