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business in russia for foreigners

In the last time Russia - good place to start any business. There are a lot of economic elements to provide own goods and services in Russia. The territory devided for business strategy: if you start agribusiness - go to South of Russia, for IT - to Saint-Petersbourg or Moscow, Oil - Syberia, automobile factory - other places.

For succesful start of your business in Russia you have to access the prospects your future actions. We can give some useful recommendations.

basic recommendations to start business in russia

Mostly likely people in the world think that doing business in Russia is some hard job. But all started it presently believe the opposite. What kind of recommendations can help foreigners to start business in Russia.

Before doing something you have to know your plan, what your business offer to russians, what situation on that market segment and other important questions. Equally important is the mentality of russians, how russians will perceive it. There a lot of examples of bad marketing and law training. But our experence will give your more chances to take good start.

1. Analyze your risks.

You have to know what can will be if business don't be succesful. The knowledge of russian law and legislation will help to avoid the consequences of business fail. Before start business you should to learn basic russian legislation terms and rules of business. Remember for foreigners is other than for russians tax rates. You should plan all questions including these important ones.

2. Place select.

This point is very important. Every business has some exclusive features. Don't start without understanding your place on your market.

3. Company registration.

For our lawyers it will be easy, but this point has own features. If you tell us your plan we can registrate most profitably kind of company. Sometimes Limited liability company in Russia is best kind of business, in other cases you should create branch or representation.

4. Step by step

Take your time! Haste does not lead to good results. If you have desire to open big business it doesn't mean that you get it at once. Russians are specifically people and they don't like change there choice and life. If your business idea is new for russians it needs a few time to be successful.

5. Build your business on russian legislation only

If you want to be succesful in Russia don't try change rules. You should learn russian rules of business, russian legislation. But it is not important if you have competent lawyers.

Call us and be sure in your business in Russia. We will be always with you!