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How to buy business from/in Russia safely?

How to buy business from or in Russia?

Buying Russian business, it is very important to assume all assets which belong to it. If in Europe it is very clear that all assets and property using in business belong to the company, in Russia it may be in a different way. Very often in order to achieve more fruitful business environment entrepreneurs use different ways to divide their property or business branches. For example, the owner can be registered as entrepreneur and lease a land or estate to his own company (where he is a sole shareholder or has majority in shares) in order to lend it to third parties. In this case it is very difficult to measure all aspects of business related to the entrepreneur.

If you get an offer from Russian businessman you shouldn’t rush. Take your time to analyze all papers and get some advice about all assets and entire business model. Russian business has its own way and it is necessary to know all about it. Even tiny detail may lead you in wrong direction and get you in trouble.

Of course, all work depends on what kind of business is considering for buying. Different business in Russia are managed in different ways. That’s why it is important to measure how difficult it is to gather all assets in one hand or arrange all work the way which lead to proper result.

Last but not least, it is highly recommended to check bankruptcy status of the seller and its position on the market.

If you are going to make business in Russia, we are open for your proposals and are ready to suggest full service which includes:

- Business and assets estimation;
- Search for the best offer;
- Market reviews;
- Representation in negotiations;
- Legal advice and service.

Russian legislation as well as European one is really complicated. There are some of business areas in Russia which forbidden for foreigners (such as agriculture an so on) but foreigners can avoid the restriction by signing trust agreement with Russian citizens or using other schemes.

In order to get the best solution buying company or whole business it is very important to hire high qualified professionals.

Our company direct all its efforts to decrease taxes and increase confidence. Our lawyers check all legal aspects making the deal transparent. Our accounting staff analyze the scheme to minimize tax and related risks. Our marketing department reviews all market and gives advices in Russian marketing issues.

After closing the deal, we can provide you with assistance for as long as you need. Our staff has big experience in Russian business realm.

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