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How esports industry is built?

Dota 2 tournaments gather a lot of cyber game likers. From year to year quantity of the players is raising extremely. The prize pool raises as well. $18 000 000 for the first place was established in 2021. Russian based team Team Spirit has won the prize. If you have got interested in the issue take your attention and read more...

How esports is built?

Firstly let's define what esports is. The esports is not just players and the game. Esports team consist of plenty of participants: managers, sponsors, owners, players etc. It very similar to usual sport team. Unlike a sport in esports team players may not see each other.

The esports become more looks like regular sport: the team invites players, some management staff etc.

Unlike a regular sport esports contract very often signed with minors. Professional players are often under 18. In this case the team management should to sign a contract with the parents of the players. Though the players has a right withdraw with the contract when they reach 18 regarding to the absence of full legal capacity.

There are esports federation around the world. A lot of countries have their own esports authorities but there isn't common aproach to the issues of international torunament regulations so far. Attempts to found international esports organization unifying all esports disciplines are doomed to fail. The only way to unify rules is to create federation of each esports discipline as a game genre (strategy, arcade, shooter etc).

Players' fees

Commonly the team pays players some periodic fees. If the team win the tournament it devides the prize among the team squad. This conditions should be written in the contract.


The team management tries to pick up players with great potential. The team proposes good fees and train conditions, sets the squad for preparing to tournaments.

Usually contract contains rules of training process, term, periodic fees and prize division. Sometimes the contract contains the rules about team leaving.


As a rule tournaments arranges by the promoters or game owners. For this the promoter search for sponsors, signs the contract.

Tournament rules set by promoters as usual. Therefore it is very complicated to challenge the results or the tournament conditions.

Esports prospects

If to be honest esports has huge prospects! Its potential is obvious. Of course eraning money is the most interesting issue for tournament makers. But as numbers show the interest to esports is growing every year. While participants' number is increasing the interest through the spectators of the tournaments is also growing.

Computer games industry is now more than $100 bilion. And it is growing from year to year.

Our company have been providing services in esports for more than 10 years and we see this growing interest. The number of our clients among the players and esports team management is extremely growing.

We are sure that this will continue for a long time.


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