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Examination of the goods and services in Russia

Entering new market is very important for every business regardless the company sells products, provides service or make products.

Russia is one of the biggest market in the world. Entering Russian market means very much for many companies. Even the company would like to sign an agreement without long duration it is very important to be sure the contract will be executed. In this case the company representative should be in the location of contractor. However, to maintain the legal staff is very expensive and unnecessary especially if the company doesn't have an office at the location.

Our law firm suggest clients to be their representatives in Russia. Our legal stuff speaking English and knowing Russian legislation system as well as it needed ready to protect foreign company's rights and properties.

There are following services we can suggest:
- Examination the company (contractor) before the signing;
- Examination the financial ability of the contractor;
- Checking the legal information about contractor and the head management;
- Checking company's real location;
- Tax situation;
- Searching for the forbids from authorities;
- Court database examination;
- Examination of the legal documents of the company (the Charter, foundation agreement etc.);
- Production examination;
- Warehouse examination;
- Accepting the products (signing acceptance certificate), checking the proceedings due to a contract;
- Other actions on behalf of the client.

These simple and not expensive actions help to reduce the risks of signing contract with fraudsters or with the companies don't have ability to execute the obligations due to signed contract.

It is very important to be informed that Russian legislation differs from many other countries ones. If the company needs the contract to be executed and would like to be confident and if it wouldn't it has the possibilities to force the violator to fulfill the contract even through the court trial the foreign company to check all information about contractor in Russia is required.

In result of the examination the client receives full information of his requests. We are sure our assist helps to avoid many (may be all) misconducts amongst the contractors.

All we need to begin is to get INN (tax number) of the Russian contractor.

Also we can examine the contract itself if it is needed. Our company has high qualified law staff to do it the best way. Call us right now or send a message on mail or phone written on the contacts page.

We are working around the world for the best solutions.