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our history

2006. The begining...

Our company was founded 1 March, 2006. It was the date of decision to establish the law firm. The firm since its beginning took vector of the technological development using in their practice every possible IT solutions. In the first instance we had only a little office and corporate web-site. First practices were in the field of labor law and housing one.

2007. Expansion in the number of clients, staff and range of services

After first year of hard work our company had a lot of pleasurable clients. Company got ready to do a step forward. The next step was the increase of the staff. Also the firm began providing law services in civil, arbitration or corporation, family and other practices.

2008. World economic crisis or recession year. Turning point.

When the world economic crisis heat up our firm contrary had been continuing got new clients. In this year the firm has a web-site on which you are now. We started to offer new services. The number of law services offered by our firm has grown to the average statistic of legal companies in Russia. According to the firm's statistics for 2008 we won more than 80% legal proceedings of our clients.

2009. New law technologies

Along with law services our company developed in IT. We created own CRM-system which helped our clients to be informed about their cases, also the firm's web-site offers the opportunity to ask questions to our lawyers online and also to make an appointment by means of web-site.

2010. International cooperation

Participating in various meetings and conferences as well as positively providing law services, our firm was noticed by foreign legal companies and a number of interesting proposals were received. Having no regional offices in Russia, we are opening an office abroad in Paris.

2011. Increase of local locations

The Moscow representative office of the firm opened 2 new offices at once in capital (metro station – Planernaya and Novogireevo metro station).

2012. Opened new local office in Saint-Petersburg

In 2012 the first regional office of the firm was opened in Saint-Petersburg.

2013. More than 1000 clients!

In 2013 numbers of clients became more than 1000.

2014. Increase...

The number of practices and the number of employees are increasing. We opened new offices at London and New-York.

2015-2020. Crisis, pandemic and hopes.

These yeras were difficult for the whole country. Our firm once again proved that the crisis wasn't terrible for us and in the midst of economic hard times we were still with our clients. In these years the number of corporate clients has increased. We opened a new office in Hanover (Germany), which later relocated it to Berlin.

06.02.2018 another office was opened in Nicosia (Cyprus). Currently the firm has more than 50 lawyers in Russia and the same number abroad. The firm plans to further develop towards international legal integration to develop new legal practices.

All the 2020 year was in the pandemic threat. All business stoped in awaiting. But we kept go on... and will keep it.

Nowadays and future

Today our company is on right way of development. We always are set to open new fields and looking forward to new adventures.

We are working around the world for the best solutions.