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our history

2006. The begining...

Our company was founden march 1, 2006 - the date of decision to create law firm. The company set to be most developed in IT. At first time we had little ofice and corporate web-site. First practices were labor and housing cases.

2007. Numbers of clients increasing, staff and range of services

After first year of hard work our company had a lot of pleasurable clients. Company got ready to do a step forward. That year was continuing staff and practice increasing.

2008. World economic crisis. Point to change.

In despite of crisis our company had been continuing got new clients and increase staff. We started to offer new services. According to statistic we won more than 80% clients cases.

2009. New law technologies

Along with law service our company developed in IT. We create own CRM-system which help our clients to be informated about their cases, we runed new online services.

2010. International partnership

Our company always participate in diferent conferetions and meetings. We found new links and partners to do our job better. We opened first foreign office in Paris and continued developing.

2012. Opened new local office in Saint-Petersbourg

Continuing the progress we opened new office in Saint-Petersbourg. Our range of service increased.

2013. More than 1000 clients!

At 2013 numbers of clients became more than 1000.

2014. Increase...

We opened new offices at London and New-York.

2015-2016. Crisis and hopes...

These years are not simple and as good as we want. Our domestic market has a lot of circumstances to has some troubles. But all companies among wich we try to do their job and continue render services. We sure we will do it! We know all will be good and our clients will get they want with our support. To be stronger we have to stick together. Trust us we are going to continue our fair job for the benefit of all clients.