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How to import goods in Russia?

how to import goods in russia?

To import goods into Russia very important to know what do you want: if you wish to sale some goods to Russian exporter you should sign a contract and all taxes and customs troubles will be on customers. But if you wish to import in Russia independently you can know all Russian legislation.

But we provide only business relationship between foreign companies and Russian ones.

First - check your counterparty.

To check the finance condition of a partner and other important points is a great importance. It is easy to open a legal entity in Russia and this fact gives other counterparties some dose of risks. Our company can check any Russian company and can give cross-analysis of it.

All strong firms in Russia wish to have good history and wish to repeat the contract signing. They don't create lots legal entities and dark schemes for this target. On the contrary they try to pass negative time and go ahead through the troubles. And all the partners can check it and make right choice.

Second - read and correct the contract.

You must know your contract will has all conditions and rules about your relationship with the partner. It is not enough to sign the contract for import in Russia. Lots points of the contract could make big troubles. Almost all Russian companies demand Russian law regulation in contracts. And it can differ from the other country legislation. It is necessary to include some international law clauses about shipping and other conditions.

If you wish change legislation in the agreement you should discuss it before signing and any paying.

Third - don't pay the contract in advance.

If according the contract you have to pay any money don't do it in advance in full. Try to negotiate other conditions and don't hope for destiny. This applies not only Russian firms and other ones too.

Forth - don't economize on lawyers.

For doing business well in Russia or another foreign country it is important to have the competent and qualified law support. Our company for many years helps the foreign companies to defend its rights in Russian and international courts.

All agreements must be fully and rightly read. No excepts.

We ready to help you doing business with Russian companies and defend your rights in all instances. Contact us!

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