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International contract drafting

Have an intention of setting up international links through an agreement? Doubt about the conditions? Concern about contract drafting? You should choose your lawyer first!

International contracts have their own specific which must be considered. If the parties are the subject of different countries' jurisdictions it may be complicated to define which country's law has to be applied. In this case it is much more better to define applicable law right in the contract. But which law to apply? If you apply the law of your country in order to simplify the actions and because of well known rules that doesn't mean you will succeed when it takes to obtain your favors from the court decision.

Considering international business relations it is very convenient to establish not only law applying to the case but also the commercial arbitration (the court) which will hear the case. In addition you should be aware of possibility of this commercial arbitration decision's execution.

Relations have always to get started with the contract. In dependence on what the relations parties wish to establish you should choose your own conditions and propose them to a counterparty. The business purchase agreement consists of its own conditions, the lease one others and so on.

Our services

Wherever the lawyer is located most important thing is how competent in the area he is. We have huge experience of preparing the international legal documents and wish to share our experience to our clients.

We know how manage to draft the contract which will match all client's expectations.

How can we help?

Our lawyers will prepare the contract which will contain most important clauses defending the client, such as:
- assistance in preparing the contract in accordance to international and national law; in case it is needed we can involve national lawyer at the issue;
- deep-drafting the contract (predicting of the consequences of singing the draft, looking for all vulnerabilities, changing conditions for the client in his favor etc.);
- meetings and negotiations with the counterparties;
- legal advising of the client;
- and all other actions to take to get the best result.

How much is this?

To evaluate the services we should to fully understand all conditions the client wishes to include in the agreement. Simple contract could cost €100, the most complicated one could cost more than €5000. It is all very individual. To clarify the cost please don't hesitate to ask us. We are open for any communications!

We are working around the world for the best solutions.