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Intellectual property rights protection in Russia.

Russia is a biggest country in the world and internet space in Russia also very big. In this reason there are a lot of law breaks of different intellectual property rights. A lot of foreign companies suffer from intellectual property rights violation by Russian companies and individuals. This is due the fact that Russian business recently was based. More than 70 years of Soviet past affected on the present.

Types of intellectual property infringement in Russia.

We mark some of violation types which the most common in Russia.

1. Using someone's else IPR in the domain name.

A lot of Russian businessmen want to be rich at once. In this reason a lot of them use some IPR of foreign companies hoping not be punished. Our company has a great experience in such cases and ready to protect rights foreign company in Russian courts.

There is very especially process to fix this fact and prove it in the court. To do it you have to fix infringement notary. If the site with domain name contains foreign language you should to translate it. These steps are not enough and the copyright holder should to do something else to protect his rights.

2. Using someone's else IPR in product trading.

Using someone's else trademark in products is very popular infringement in Russia too. To fix infringement copyright holder have to do same steps as stated above and other ones.

Every year intellectual property rules in Russia develop. There are a lot of acts are adopted. Russia want to be a part of World economy and to be this one impossible without protection intellectual property rights.

Over the life of the company we helped a lot of foreign companies and want to do it in the future.

Our company helps you to protect the following IPR:
- Patents;
- Copyrights;
- Industrial design rights;
- Plant varieties;
- Trademarks;
- Trade dress;
- Trade secrets and others.

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