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Brief results 2020-2021

Common known causes of 2020-2021 crisis brought to the world bad financial results all over the market. The quantity of the deals was decreasing. But not only business contracts was down, the deals amongst persons as well.

In the same time the quantity of bankruptcy trials, trials of debt collection increased. But more often the persons went to the court without a lawyer.


All franchise trades were under strike during 2020-2021. Less of the franchisees could stood strong during the period. Occasionally franchiser made concession. Plenty cases went to an arbitrage.

Many M&A deals were delayed till better time. But several of these were forced due to complicated financial situation. Generally the quantity of such trades decreased.

Lease trades decreased as well.

Corporate disputes

Corporate disputes (shareholders disputes, disputes with the management etc) numbers grown. Due to business action decreasing there were a lot of misunderstanding in corporate sphere.

The most famous disputes concerned to company exiting issues, shares dilution issues and so on.

Real estate

Trades through business real estate felt down. Most popular trades are lease ones. Real estate purchase trades became less popular. Lease agreement termination disputes number increased (many lessees no longer could afford to pay rent during tough period).

Despite the crisis the quantity of mortgage decreased slightly.

IP and Internet

The quantity of IP disputes increased as well as demand on IP defense issues. The disputes between consumers and seller became more often.

Other markets

Funeral law disputes increased amongst our clients. Medial law disputes grown.


In result law market has decreased a lot. Many foreign investors left Russian market, decreased their investment. Besides economic reasons there were political ones. Many of persons start to solve their law issues by themselves without legal assistance.

The article based on our data and doesn’t pretend to be objective. The results made base our and our client’s experiences.


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