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What Meta's ban in Russia means?

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What Meta's ban in Russia means?

As Russian prosecutor's office is going to declare Meta company as terroristic organization there many concerns amongst Russian people. Does it mean the users will be terrorist as well especially if they use VPN for avoid the ban? What a law in Russia that gives to prosecutor's office a right to recognize Meta as a terroristic company? Read more below.

Federal law #114 "On countering extremist activity" in art. 6 says that in the presence of sufficient and previously confirmed information about the upcoming illegal actions containing signs of extremist activity, and in the absence of grounds for criminal prosecution, the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation or his deputy or the corresponding prosecutor subordinate to him or his deputy sends to the head of a public or religious association or the head of another organization, as well as a written warning to other relevant persons about the inadmissibility of such activities, indicating the specific grounds for declaring the warning. Russian Prosecutor General sees such evidences in Meta's allowing war posts urging violence against Russian soldiers and military actions.

According to art. 10 of the law in the case of extremist activity carried out by a public or religious association that has entailed violation of human and civil rights and freedoms, causing harm to the person, health of citizens, the environment, public order, public safety, property, legitimate economic interests of individuals and (or) legal entities, society and the state, or creating a real threat of causing such harm, the relevant official or body from the moment of their appeal to the court on the grounds provided for in Article 9 of this Federal Law, with an application for the liquidation of a public or religious association or the prohibition of its activities, it has the right to suspend the activities of a public or religious association by its decision until the court considers the said application.

The law gives a right to Russian prosecutor's office to recognize almost any action as extremist if it concerns the Government.

According to Russian law a company if it is recognized as extremist organization has a right to challenge it in court. Russia is a part of European human rights court where Meta may come with its claim if it doesn't get positive result in Russia. In this case Russia may be fined by EHRC and the amount of the fine may be huge. But will Russia execute the decision of EHRC?

Of course, Russian users will use Meta platforms as the used to before this decision. They will use VPN or some opportunities which will be available for it. And the law doesn't recognize such users as extremists or supporters of extremist organization. By the way the users have own right to challenge Russian authorities' decision.


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