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Report for the 1st half of 2022

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Report for the 1st half of 2022

In the first half of 2022, our company served a total of 272 clients, including 175 legal entities and 97 individuals. Among the cases , the following can be distinguished:

Business and entrepreneurship

During the 1st half of the year, more than 10 transactions were carried out on structuring transactions, transactions to support the sale and purchase of a business, relocation and reorganization.


51 clients are represented in courts and arbitrations under various contracts arising from business activities. Including 4 cases were canceled in cassation.

Corporate transactions and disputes

During the 1st half of the year, 13 clients in the field of corporate law were served. Among the cases: exclusion of a member of the company from the LLC for violation of the rights of the company, challenging the decisions of the general meeting of the company, bringing the general director to subsidiary responsibility, etc.

International law

7 clients are represented in international commercial arbitrations, 5 international transactions were accompanied by our international lawyers. In total, lawyers recovered more than 100 million euros. from contractors under contracts. At the same time, the main field of focus shifted to Asia and Latin America.


9 commercial and 4 non-commercial properties were bought and sold through the mediation of our real estate lawyers.

Intellectual property

4 clients applied for services in the field of intellectual property legislation.

Banking, financial, currency law

19 clients were served in the field of finance, currency transactions and transactions with risks were accompanied.

Tax and Customs practices

6 clients were provided with assistance in matters of tax and customs legislation. The total amount of customer savings exceeded 600 million rubles.

Pharmaceuticals, healthcare

There was also enough work in this area. During the 1st half of the year, a number of key customers in the field of pharmaceuticals and medicine were served, appropriate permits were obtained from Roszdravnadzor, as well as licenses for the production of several medicines and medical devices.

Family law

More than 10 clients have asked for questions related to the division of property, determining the place of residence of children, etc. family law issues.

Land issues

In the course of work in the field of land law, 2 legal entities were provided with services to establish the boundaries of the site, and another legal entity was assisted in the registration of lease relations with the DGI of Moscow. 17 clients of individuals received assistance in court.


Insurance lawyers took part in several interesting cases related to changes in the cost of repairing equipment (car) after the sanctions were imposed, as well as in other matters of the relevant direction


Courts and litigation

More than 100 clients were served in courts throughout Russia. 94% of cases were successful.

Criminal law

31 criminal cases have been taken into production, 12 have been completed.

Tender practice and antimonopoly legislation

5 auctions were challenged in court, and 3 - in the FAS.

Military law and conscription

The company's military lawyer provided all possible assistance to conscripts in the spring draft of 2022. The assistance consisted both in consultations and in challenging the decisions and actions of the military commissariat.


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