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How difficult to do business in Russia and not to be punished?

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  • How difficult to do business in Russia and not to be punished?

How complicated is to do business in Russia due to war? That and other questions often are questined by our foreign partners when they discuss their plan to do business in Russia in difficult war conditions.

As all businessmen know Russia became most sanctioned country in the world in 2022. That’s why reasonable question is “How safe is to do business in Russia currently?”. Nobody wishes to be punished for breaking the rules. But all businessmen know that there are a lot of opportunities in all conditions and the more risk it takes the more profit it makes.

Regarding to EU law it’s difficult to avoid sanctions and not be punished (if you do business with a Russian company linking to goods forbidden for supplying or buying). But Russian law doesn’t forbid foreign investors’ actions except few of them. As in the past foreigners are able to set companies, buy properties and be involved in other economical actions. Nevertheless, Russia prohibits to buy some types of companies and some property in Russia for foreigners from an unfriendly country. The list of the countries is always available on the site of the authorities and consists of big amount of countries (all EU countries included).

Anyway, all crisis sooner or later come to an end. No crisis is endless. And doing business now in as it seems most difficult situation you may take more advantage than others.

Our company helps businessmen around the world to conduct business in Russia with most favorable conditions for them. In recent days only most globalized business can be most successful. There are some questions below should be answered before actions.

Question Answer
Setting company As said above there is no special restrictions for setting a company in Russia for foreigners.
Bank account opening and maintaining No restrictions at all. But there is some difficulties with foreign currency accounts due to sanctions on Russian Government’s accounts abroad. But if a company opens foreign currency accounts and transfers money from abroad there won’t be any issues and money will be received.
Business operating No special restrictions.
Staff hiring No special restrictions.
Contract signing with Russian companies No special restrictions.
Contract signing with foreign companies If the contract links to some properties listed by Government (shares in Russian company, agriculture land or company, military equipment etc) a company has to obtain a permission from Government commission.

In conclusion, do business in Russia with us and be safe!


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