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Payment of dividends to foreign holders of shares

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Foreign shareholders of Savings Bank will begin to receive their dividends

After various sanctions were imposed on NSD (National Settlement Depository), many foreign clients of "Madroc law firm" were left out of business: due to the communication difficulties that arose between depositories of different countries, payment of dividends on receipts and shares became simply impossible. However, no one has canceled formal duties in accordance with the Russian legislation of Sberbank: dividends must be paid.

The first wave of payments was made by Sberbank through the Raiffeisen bank. Now, Sberbank offers holders of shares (including converted from ADRs) to open accounts in their bank and receive dividends to this account in rubles.

This offer is limited in time on April 30th, 2024. The needed documents are listed by the bank on the its webite.

Our company has started collecting the relevant documents of our foreign clients and will continue to provide services for them to receive dividends.


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