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Fraud cases against foreigners become more frequent

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  • Fraud cases against foreigners become more frequent

In the beginning of 2021 more and more foreign companies request our company to help as they think to force Russian big oil companies to fullfil their obligations. But learning the case we see another - these companies become victims of frauders.

Often fake company names itself as one of Russian oil supplier and refinery company propose to buy oil or gas through it without the intermediaries and cheaper. Then they send a contract and fake documents of product (licences, certificates, authority permissions etc.). After getting money they disappear.

We ask our foreign partners and clients: be more advised about the companies which suggest you to direct contract especially the contract of oil and gas supplying.

Our company performs the legal services which gives information about your future business partners from Russia. It is much better to pay in advance less than pay ten times in the future.


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