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Obtaining Russian citizenship

If your life is tied to Russian fate it is very important to obtain a Russian citizenship. It is common known to get maximum of possibilities from country you live in it is needed to be a citizen of the country. Citizens pay less taxes and can receive state social help. That axiom concerns all aspects of life and business as well.

To obtain the Russian citizenship there are some conditions to be met. But several of ones can help you to obtain Russian citizenship faster. There are following:
- If you are married on Russian citizen;
- If you have children with the Russian citizenship;
- If you are a stateless person;
- if you were born on RSFSR territory and had USSR citizenship;
- if you have able-bodied son or daughter who is 16 or older and who is a Russian citizen;
- if your kid has a Russian citizenship and his other parent died or was admitted as died, incapacitated, deprived of parental rights or restricted in parental rights;
- if you educated in Russia and graduated from Russian high school after the date 2 June 2002;
- if you have been entrepreneur 3 years and more and have been paying all taxes according to the law;
- if you are an investor in Russian economy and has been a shareholder of 10% of Russian company for 3 and more years;
- if you have been working for 1 year in Russia and your profession is included in the highly qualified specialist list;
- if you have at least one parent with Russian citizenship who lives in Russia;
- if you have a citizenship of Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine, Kazakhstan.

These are the common conditions which allow to obtain a Russian citizenship above. But as experience showed there are some cases when foreigner can obtain the citizenship faster and simpler.

But there are some reasons which cannot allow you to be a Russian citizen. On of them is having criminal records. But if the verdict was passed long ago and all criminal record is extinguished you are allowed to obtain the citizenship.

Moreover, there are some other causes which prevent you to obtain the Russian citizenship (if you filed false documents, if your person is wanted at the foreign country soil for the violence which admitted as a crime in Russia, if you are military personnel or personnel of police or special agency of foreign country, if you have a restriction to enter Russia etc.).

In any case we are ready to assist you to obtain the Russian citizenship and can overview the possibilities of the issue. Contact us and send us the documents you have.

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