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Russia is the country which has got huge oil and gas resources. There are big number of Russian companies sale it and to have discussion with them it is important to be prepared. The new reality for Russia (low oil prices, sanctions) has forced the Russian government to search for and implement new ways to achieve economic development.

Russian oil (gas) law is very specific and got a lot of some important points. It touches a lot of spheres such as traffic, tax, customs, civil and other matters. To get good deal and won't get big troubles in the future you should to prepare for deal and examine the treaty you've got. The agreement usually includes large number of difficult treaty provisions. To understand it is necessary to use lawyer's help.

Oil companies usually propose own version of a contract. And this one contains unacceptable conditions for consumer. To explorer the treaty is the main goal in this way.

Our staff consists of well professional lawyers in oil law and we can guarantee our clients high level services. Our lawyers pay special attention to understanding the commercial objectives of our clients and we help them reach those objectives in the most efficient and effective manner.

Our areas of work include:

due diligence on acquisitions and joint ventures

negotiation of equity and/or debt transaction documentation

customs and export control issues

operating and agency arrangements

ownership of production

financing and security issues

consideration of the most appropriate investment vehicle

transportation and refining arrangements, including pipeline access issues

joint venture structuring and negotiation

limitations on pledge and assignment

currency control

restructuring and sale of entities holding subsoil licences

feasibility and evaluation procedures

the license tendering process

transfer of oil & gas licenses

regulatory issues (including competition and foreign investment restrictions)

equipment supply and oil service agreements.

We do it in the years and obviously going to continuing in the future. Contact us and be sure your case will be done well.

We have been working since 2006.