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How to open restaraunt in Russia?

How to open restaurant in Russia?

If you have a business plan to take action in Russia in restaurant business you should know legislation about it.

Mandatory requirements

We skip economic and marketing issues and go to law requirements.

Foreign restaurant in Russia.

Any legal entity or person can take business action in Russia if they doing it in accordance to law.


Of course it is more expensive to doing business in Russia for foreign firms because of legislation that defends own citizens. But any person or firm can found a Russian legal entity for taking action in Russia and decline tax outcome.


If you chose estate for restaurant you should to realize what you want to cook or sell. As many developed countries it is required to get license to sell alcohol. For getting it you have to be sure about absence of school and kindergartens near the restaurant elsewise authorities going to close it.


All employees must be Russians, Byelorussians or foreigners with appropriate permission to work in Russia. All employees must have medical documents.

The requirement for the inside of the room.

The room must be clean and has all of permission documents from sanitary epidemiological service, fire service. All actions without the documents will be unlawful and going to suspend or to halt by authorities.

Contract law.

For restaurant supply of products it should have a lawyer or due diligence law firm which will help to build strong contracts and relationship with partners. For doing business in Russia it is requirement use Russian law and in case of dispute to go in Russian court.

Copyright law.

If the restaurant is one of world famous it is important to save its intellectual properties. Allowed to get the documents after taking actions but for saving the rights it is very necessary to get it as soon as possible.

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