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opening office in russia

Russia is the biggest country in the world. There are a lot of possibilities for doing business there. A lot of goods, people and cultures. Russia consists of more than 100 nationalities. Russia has huge army, heavy industry and minerals. There is biggest road network in Russia.

It is very important to know Russian legislation for doing business in Russia. Russian legislation born in 1992 when USSR was collapsed. During this period a lot of changes were done. Primarily it touched the legislation.

A lot of changes were done in tax, civil and even crime law. The Soviet past left some rudimental non-economic trails. But it is just a history. There is another economic structure in Russia now.

Actually it is very easy to doing business in Russia. The authorities help in this work and rumors about illegal actions from power aren't true.

All owners in Russia fully defended by law. Many sport competitions holding in Russia prove it. Russia wants to be unit of world economic system. And Russia is becoming the most important one of it.

Now Russia develops at a fast clip. Russian programmers, engineers, entrepreneurs and other have good mark in the world. A lot of companies opened their offices in Russia and getting profits from this.

What your company has to do for opening representative office in Russia?

An answer on this question is truly simple. For doing business in Russia if you have foreign company you should to open representative office and to register it in tax office. You are not must pay tax in Russia if you just open an office there according Russian tax legislation. Sometimes for your business is better to open new company in accordance Russian legislation than open representative office. It depends of finance performance: if a company makes good profit for saving it this way may be more interesting. Our consultants will be glad to prompt to you right ways for doing this best.

It doesn't matter what kind of your company is. It could be Oil Company or shop, internet-shop or real existing supermarket, company providing some services or other ones. Our consultants help to do best choice.

Please contact with us and ask your questions. You can ask your questions by special form on the site or by e-mail in the contact information (Moscow office) as well.

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