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Russian pharmacological law

pharmacological law

International medical law contains a certain pharmaceutical field, which recently attracts special attention of the state, as it has success both on Russian and foreign markets, which is reflected in the rulemaking, as well as orientation to the development of domestic pharmaceutical production. Pharmaceutical law develops and improves, the growth of local pharmaceutical companies is increasing every day, and the expansion of the largest international players in this area is continuously expanding.

And here our law firm "Madroc" keeps up to the times and is ready to offer you and pharmaceutical companies legal services. Our highly qualified specialists can help medical and pharmaceutical companies develop dynamically, adapt quickly and without financial risks to the rapidly changing situation on the market, and also provide you with legal protection and support.

We provide the following legal services:
1. comprehensive legal services for pharmaceutical companies, pharmacies, manufacturers/distributors of medicinal products, dietary supplements, cosmetic products;
2. legal advice in the field of production, as well as the handling of medicines, medical products, dietary supplements, cosmetic products;
3. development of contracts for the implementation of pharmaceutical, medical and related activities, incl. contracts for the provision of medical services, taking into account the specifics of such services;
4. drafting of labor agreements and contracts, as well as local documentation of pharmaceutical organizations (manufacturers and distributors of medicines), pharmacies, manufacturers and distributors of medical equipment, dietary supplements, cosmetic products;
5. legal support of pharmaceutical companies on interaction with consumers of medicines;
6. representing and protecting the interests of pharmaceutical companies before government bodies in pre-trial procedures and in courts;
7. advising on the formation of essential and essential medicines;
8. support for conducting clinical trials, the activities of units that conduct clinical trials;
9. preparation of documents, representation of interests in the process of resolving a labor conflict with employees of pharmaceutical and medical organizations;
10. legal advice on the protection of personal data;
11. preparation of drafts of licensing agreements and agreements on alienation of exclusive rights (patent rights for medicinal products, rights to trademarks related to medicinal products);
12. development and legal support of agreements on joint actions / marketing, distribution agreements on medicines, medical products;
13. legal advice to pharmaceutical organizations (manufacturers and distributors of medicines), manufacturers and distributors of medical equipment, medical equipment, medical products on the protection of intellectual property rights;
14. representation of the interests of pharmaceutical companies in disputes with the FAS Russia, the Federal Customs Service of Russia, as well as other bodies and organizations;
15. protection when importing counterfeit and counterfeit medicines in the territory of Russian Federation and other countries;
16. legal support for bringing a new drug to the market;
17. legal support for the examination of the rules of storage of medicinal products ("cold chain" rules), sale/release of medicines and medicines;
18. legal support in the field of antimonopoly regulation of pharmaceutical activities, incl. production and distribution of medicines, medical products;
19. protection of the rights and interests of pharmaceutical and medical organizations;
20. recovery of damages and compensation for moral harm inflicted on patients, pharmaceutical and medical companies, doctors and other entities;
21. development of various draft agreements and agreements related to pharmaceutical activities, including drug purchase and sale contracts, drug transportation, drug storage, agreements on the organization and conduct of clinical trials, drug contracts, as well as many other contracts, in one way or another related to the turnover of medicines;
22. protection of patients' rights in the consumption of medicines, including low-quality medicines;
23. legal support of production, localization of production, as well as labeling of medicines;
24. legal support for the import and export of medicines.

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