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Representation of foreign companies at Russian courts

Representation of foreign companies in Russian courts

Representation in court is a mechanism for realizing and protecting one’s rights in court.

The rules of representation in court, assigned in Russian legislation, apply to both Russian people and foreigners. In most cases, representatives of foreign legal entities in court are lawyers, solicitors or other persons realized in the provision of aid and advice in legal matters. But unlike citizens of the Russian Federation, the representation of foreign companies in a Russian court can be carried out by the widest range, including lawyers and consuls of foreign countries.

In accordance with the law regulating the activities of lawyers, foreign representatives (attorneys) can provide legal assistance to citizens of the Russian Federation or foreign persons, but only on questions of the law of that foreign state, which they represent.

If a foreign legal entity participates in the court, then all submitted documents must be translated into Russian, and the translation must be notarized. Such documents should also be legalized in the Russian Federation by affixing an apostille.

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