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1. Arbitration. Representing the interests of legal persons in bankruptcy court
  civil disputes
  compulsion to fulfill obligations under various agreements (lease, loan, assignment, sale and purchase of businesses, contract, services, franchising, etc.)
  recovery of damages under the contract
  Tax disputes
- tax debt help
- value-added tax (VAT) refund
  administrative disputes:
- Challenges to decisions of the fiscal authorities
- replacement of a fine on another form of punishment
- Keeping the process in order to tighten
  customs disputes
  debt collection
  equity litigation (challenging the issuance of securities, the realization of the rights of shareholders)
  protection of business reputation
  protection of intellectual property rights of companies (trademark, brand, means of individualization of legal persons, logo, brand name, commercial name, trademark)
  legal protection from raiders grabs executory process
  challenge decisions of the arbitral tribunal (court of appeal, the cassation court, reviewing authority)
  international commercial arbitration

2. Legal and / or accounting services to the organization (making the daily contracts, legal advice for managers, and seminars for workers, etc.)

3. The legal examination of contracts and other documents

4. Introduction of legal opinion on any matters

5. Legal support of transactions

6. Registration of Legal Entities and starting business in Russia maintenance
  creation of legal entities
  reorganization of legal entities
(conversion, merger, separation, division, joining)
  liquidation of legal entities
  bankruptcy of legal entities

7. Legal Advice for organizations
  English speaking lawyer in Moscow (Russia) for foreigners

8. Making a claim to an arbitral tribunal

9. Mediation

10. Starting business in Russia for foreingers
  opening representative office in russia
  How to import in Russia?

11. Domain name disputes

12. Representation in Cyprian authorities

13. Energy law (oil and gas).