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юридические услуги физическим лицам

 For individuals

1. Legal Advice   housing, family, civil, for the protection of consumer rights, military, land, criminal, insurance and other types of legal advice citizens

2. Making a claim to the world or the district court

3. Representation in court
  first instance (global, regional and city courts)
  second instance (appellate and cassation courts)
  supervisory authority
  as third parties

4. Debt collection from the individual under the Loan Agreement
  if the loan contract or receipt in the absence of the loan contract or receipt
  aid in enforcement proceedings

5. Against collectors services

6. Preparation of the treaty and its accompanying
  drafting a civil contract
  drafting a marriage contract
  Help with signing an employment contract
  participate in negotiations with contractors
  analysis of contract (employment, banking, insurance, paid services, etc.)

7. Bankruptcy of an individual (the debtor)
  by the debtor
  initiated by the lender

8. Contesting land rights in court
  challenging the contract of sale of land
  challenging the privatization of land
  challenging the hereditary rights to land
- Establishment of servitude or the removal off

9. Insurance Disputes
  disputing insurance claims (estimated property damage)
  challenging the insurance contract

10. Protecting the rights of citizens on issues of intellectual property , registration of rights in intellectual property

11. Maintenance of real estate transactions
  when selling or buying real estate
  by letting (rental)

12. In criminal cases,
  protection of clients in criminal cases (under criminal investigation, trial)
  protection of clients in appeal, as well as in the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation

13. Family affairs
  drafting a marriage contract
  acknowledgment of paternity
  challenging paternity
  extract from the apartment of former spouse
  appointment of a guardian (trustee) annulment
  disputes about children section of the joint property of spouses

14. Housing issues
  removal of the register citizen
  disputes with neighbors in the Gulf (flooding the apartment), recovery of damages in case of flooding of premises
  challenging the privatization
  challenging employment contracts, purchase flats (houses)

15. Hereditary cases
  accepting an inheritance out of court (through a notary, power of attorney)
  acceptance of the inheritance through the courts (if the dispute with the other heirs, or the need to recognize the legal fact)
  accepting an inheritance upon the expiration of its adoption
  will contest

16. Consumer Protection
  refund of money paid for the goods of improper quality (extra-judicial and judicial solution to the problem)
  recovery of damages for delay of customer requirements
  refund of monies paid for poor service
  examination of goods

17. Avtoyurist
  protection of citizens' rights in case of accident (accident)
  challenging the amount of insurance payments in case of accident (disputes with insurance companies)
  protection of the rights of car owners in criminal cases
  return driver's license

18. Labour disputes
  reinstatement (challenging the illegal dismissal of an employee)
recover unpaid wages and penalties under the law
  challenging the illegal transfer of employee
  Any disputes over employment matters in the labor dispute committee (CCC)
  legal advice on labor law

19. Military Lawyer
  challenging the dismissal of a serviceman
  defending housing rights of servicemen

20. Buying a property on rent contract

21. Subscription service for individuals (personal lawyer)
  Citizens Advice
  advice on family, housing, land rights
  assistance in drawing up contracts
  participation in negotiations on behalf of a client

22.Representation in the international courts (Strasbourg, Gaag etc.)

23. Mediation