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our staff

Semen Cheskis
Commercial director.
Perfilov Vladimir
specialization: criminal and civil cases, arbitration.
Shiryalin Mihkail
specialization: criminal cases about economic crimes.
Alex Girin
specialization: administrative, housing and crime cases.
Alexander Kokin
specialization: private international law, maritime law.
Gadzhi Gadzhiev
specialization: international and internal arbitrations, civil cases, maritime law.
Yuri Egiyan
specialization: military law cases.
Igor Udalischev
specialization: international law, maritime law, corporate law.
Alexey Kiryanov
specialization: customs law.
Bastian Shoss
specialization: international law cases.
Vladimir Tokarev
specialization: energy law.
Andrey Nikiforov
specialization: finance department head.
Andrey Zhagurin
specialization: PR and commercial.