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450 million dollars of customer saved in dispute in China

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  • 450 million dollars of customer saved in dispute in China

A large Russian customer of goods from China contacted our company. Under the terms of the delivery contract, the Chinese company has committed to deliver a certain amount of cargo by the end of 2023. The total amount of the contract is more than 450 million US dollars. The first two deliveries by the Chinese company were made in 2021, but the Russian customer had complaints about the quality, quantity and assortment of goods. With the mediation of our company, an examination was carried out, relevant acts (complaints) were drawn up.

The Russian customer demanded replacement of low-quality goods, as well as compensation for losses. The Chinese side did not agree with this and continued to deliver the remaining goods in violation of the terms of the contract, and later went to court in China to recover the entire amount under the contract and interest. The total price of the claim exceeded $ 450 million.

Representatives of the Madroc law firm submitted to the Chinese court all the necessary evidence of violations on the part of the supplier and won the case in the first instance. In addition, the Russian side filed a counterclaim for recovery of losses and lost profits, as well as the costs of responsible storage of the delivered improper cargo, which was partially satisfied. Most likely, the case will continue on appeal.


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